Message from Spirit-Welcome!

It is unusual for two mediums to work together but as many have experienced, Robyn Patrick-Mayer and Dr. Cathy Ripley-Greene's differing personalities combine to bring laughter, tears and healing to each of their mediumship sessions.

As psychics, Dr. Cathy and Robyn can perceive things about your past and present, as well as some of the possibilities for the future you are manifesting for yourself. As mediums, they receive direct communication from from those who have passed into spirit. They believe the purpose of such communication and connection is for support, upliftment and healing.

Together they offer their services of psychic mediumship for individuals, as well as small and large groups.

Please read on for additional information, upcoming events, testimonials and contact information.

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Follow Dr Cathy and Robyn on their radio show – Messages From Sprit X 2 on WMRC AM 1490 or Streamed Live from on Tuesdays at 12 – 1 PM Their show is a place you can go for an hour a week and receive information and education, demonstration and application of spiritual concepts. It’s all about communication – between Robyn and Dr. Cathy, with you the listeners and with the star of the show, SPIRIT!

Listen, to past shows: CLICK HERE and find the "Messages From Spirit" Link in the show list (black box on the right side or the page).


Messages From Spirit X2
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Services Offered:

Private One on One readings
Dr. Cathy and Robyn are available for individual psychic reading or mediumship sessions. In a private reading you'll learn more about yourself and your loved ones.

Small Group Readings
Psychic or mediumship from 2-8 people with either Robyn or Dr. Cathy. Bring a friend or relative with you and share the experience.

Large Group Readings
Plan a larger group psychic or mediumship session in your home at our Wellness Center or another convenient venue. Or, use your business or office to invite colleagues to share the experience with you. It's a great way to gather friends and enjoy an exciting and healing experience. Groups from 10 - 20 people with both Dr. Cathy and Robyn.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday 10/17/2013 -- SOLD OUT Small Group Mediumship Demonstration
Tuesday 10/29/2013 Introduction to Spirituality
Thursday 11/26/2013 Small Group Mediumship Demonstration

Contact Us:

For more information, or to sign up for a group or individual mediumship session, please feel free to contact us at the phone numbers or email addresses listed below.

Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene (508) 668-5228

Robyn Patrick Mayer (508) 533-0211